Self-Service Casino

Self-Service is a unique time-effective solution from us, which gives you unlimited customisation opportunities. Within the framework of the self-service solution, you will receive technical documentation and a set of scripts without a design from SoftGamings. With the help of these, you can build your own casino, and our company will help you every step of the way.

Key advantage

The changes in the product can be made quickly, easily, on your side. You do not depend on the provider.

On Your Side

  • Design
  • Front-end HTML coding
  • A small team of IT experts

On Our Side

  • Technical documentation
  • A set of scripts
  • Front-end design advisory
  • Support at every stage of the casino development
  • Engine
  • Testing platform
  • Free updates for the system with new functionality
  • Back office


All the functionalities that are available for White Label and Turnkey solutions are also available for the Self-Service solution. This helps to facilitate the development process and build a casino to match your needs, if you have a team of developers. Available features are as follows:

  • Hosting — either yours or ours
  • Your license
  • Your direct contracts with payment systems, cryptocurrencies
  • Loyalty system, bonuses, casino shop, tournaments
  • Slots, live games, skill games, poker, sportsbook, lottery games, custom game integration, gamification
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Affiliate system
  • Livechat
  • Reporting system
  • Mailing system
  • Banking account
  • Company incorporation
  • Fraud and risk prevention

Our experience shows that the work of the Web Designer and Front-End Engineer can be performed by one person; also the Javascript programming and Front-End Engineer engineering can be performed by one person. A skilled Layout designer can relatively quickly understand the product and start writing using AngularJS, creating a fully featured product. If you have any difficulties, we will assist your crew to make the development process quicker and easier.